How Some Americans Are Buying Sold Out Life-Saving Face Masks

April 13, 2020

Despite masks being one of the biggest ways to keep yourself safe, they're incredibly difficult to buy for everyone

The CDC announced new guidance today advising everyone to wear a mask.

The only problem?

They're almost impossible to find.

Can’t buy masks on Amazon.

Can’t buy masks on Google.

Because of price gouging, both platforms have banned the sale of them.

So where exactly are people supposed to find masks then?

As our trusted marketplaces let us down however, stores once under Amazon’s shadow are now rising.

One hero of the hour is Dudegadgets

His family a victim of the SARS epidemic in the 2000's, CEO James Flannigan ended up building a robust business selling masks to the businesses that need them the most.

As a result, his company is in a unique position to be able to help those who need need it the most.

But with his business's uncommon business model of not price gouging his customers during this unprecedented time, he finds he's running into a unique issue.

People can't believe that his goods are in stock, ready to ship, and priced as low as they are.

"With stories of people charging $12-15 an N95 mask, when people see our prices, they think that this cannot possibly be real. Why aren't we also taking advantage and selling our masks for obscene prices?", James remarks to me.

Tech Times spoke to a doctor that has purchased from the site before.

Hailing from the epiccenter of the outbreak in New York, Dr. Schwatz explained,

"I'm a bit wary of online purchases, but I saw that my purchase was protected by PayPal, and so I had really nothing to lose since if they didn't deliver the goods to me, I'd get my money back right away through them.

Imagine my surprise when the 3M masks I ordered arrived after just 1 week from overseas, still sealed with 3M's holographic anti-tampering tape.

I cannot express how much more calm I feel at work now that I have the proper PPE to continue treating my patients."

Should you wear a mask too?

Indeed these masks are a life-saver for some people, but does that mean we all should use one? For the definitive answer, we turn to the White House man constantly talking to the news and advisor to six US Presidents, Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Dr. Fauci is 100% in favor of them and says, “If a person who may or may not be infected wants to prevent infecting somebody else, the best way to do that is with a mask.”



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