Glistening Metal Polishing Paste

Turn Rusty To Shiny

The Glistening Metal Polishing Paste does its magic by bringing back an old rusty metal to its original radiant look. It polishes greatly almost anything! May it be your car engine, a family heirloom, kitchen utensils, and all things made of metal. It is an effective and the fastest way of bringing your precious valuables to its natural beautiful look in just a matter of time and a little bit of effort. Keep your favorite things shine for a long time with the Glistening Metal Polishing Paste. Buy it now!


Size: 75ml/100g
Type: Metal polish
Material: White paste objects
Suitable for: Copper/silver/metal/nickel/stainless steel
Condition: Brand new
Features: Decontamination, rust, polishing
Package: Paper tray
Packing include: 1pc