Magic Pen

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Now You Can Engrave ANY Surface! 

If you can write it, you can engrave it! For The First Time, Magic Pen lets you easily engrave Any Surface. You can use Magic Pen to personalize your sports gear, children's toys, tools so that you will NEVER lose them, personalize your gifts and trophies with Everlasting Messages or simply create your own artistic patterns on anything as you wish.

The Secret lies with the diamond infused tip that oscillates at Incredible 9000 RPM, powerful enough to engrave Forged Steel. Simply inserting 2 AA batteries into Magic Pen and you can start to write on Any Surface just like using any other pen. 

Please note that if you try to add them to your cart and get an error message, that means they've already Sold Out, so you can check back in Dec of 2016 when our second manufacturing round will arrive.



Model Number: AY096
Application: Engraver it
Weight: 0.1KG
Engraving Speed: 9000RPM

$19.99 $29.99
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