LED Floating Globe

The magic of levitation!

The LED Floating Globe is an awesome gadget that makes a great display at your home, office and/or store. It's not floating because of magic, of course. This contains advanced magnetic levitation technology that allows the globe to float. Not just that, above the globe, it contains magnets enough to cause a magnetic pull, just like the real globe. The base also contains a special microprocessor and an electronic magnet which is used to control the levitation process of the globe. It gets more exciting when night time comes because that's where the multi-colored LED lights start to dance. Hurry and get this incredible floating globe today!


Style: Modern
Material: Metal
Color: Black
Input Voltage: AC 110 V to 240 V US plug
Output voltage: 12 V / 250 mA
Size: 18 cm x 8.5 cm x 17 cm

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