6-in-1 Stylus Pen

Product Description

Small Pen Packs Great Features

A 6-in-1 pen comes with great special features all worth your penny. A stylus tip enables you to draw and write with accuracy on all screen types of tablets and iPhones. It has an integrated refillable ballpoint for continuous writing, just simply twist the grip to reveal the tip and write crisp lines. A printed ruler is another feature for measurements needed in school, office or home. It has also a built-in spirit level for checking and adjusting positions of objects. Finally, a reversible screwdrivers, flat-head and Phillips for adjusting screws. 

The silver metallic finish makes it a tremendous stylish pen!


Type: Ballpoint Pen
Material: Metal
Use: Office & School Pen
Erasable Or Not: No
Writing Point: 0.8mm
Novelty: Yes

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