[10-Pack] Instant Hot Pack

Product Description

Heating patches keep you warm during the winter season

The temperature can drop really low that even your usual winter wear can't fix. These heating patches will keep you warm as well as relieve abdominal cramps and upper and lower back pain. Simply give each pack a shake before using and place inside your boots (place at the top and sides, not under your foot) while wearing socks or inside the outer lining of the gloves. Never feel the cold on a winter day ever again and be warm and toasty even just a little under $2/day. Outdoor activities during the winter are not a hassle anymore with these patches!

**Avoid direct contact with skin and always have some barrier between the skin and the patch.   

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Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
Application: Body
Material: Composite Material
Size: Large
Material: sticker
Size: 10x13cm
Average temperature: 52 degree
Warm time: about 10 hours

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