Car Electrical Outlet Adapter

Product Description

Convert power and operate your smartphone in through one adapter

This compact and portable adapter is easy to use. Just plug in and it will keep your appliances and your car from overheating, short circuiting, overloading, low voltage and over voltage. This is because it has an intelligent chip inside that turns to saving mode when the battery is fully charged. The rated output is 75W with a maximum power of 150W. It supplies 110V-220V ideal in all kinds of electrical appliances like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, emergency lights, and some digital equipment. It is especially useful for charging items in emergency cases.


Input voltage: 12 V DC 20A MAX
Voltage protection: from low voltage 10-11 V on voltage 15-16 V
Overload protection:> 150 W
Short circuit protection: YES
Item Size: 119 x 65 x 41mm
Output voltage: 220 V AC 50Hz
USB Output: DC 5 V
Power Rating: 150 W
Net weight: 143g
Package Contents:
1 x Car Electrical Outlet Adapter

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