13 pcs BitCovers USB Protective Plugs

Product Description

Prevent dust from getting into your ports with these covers

Laptop computers, tablet computers, and mobile phones all have ports that annoyingly gathers dust at the opening. Dust can lead to problems later by making your device malfunction. These silicone bits will cover the ports of your device to prevent dust from getting in. Each pack has 13 pieces of covers designated for the right type of port. Order your pack today! 

Material: Silicone
Weight: 20g

13-pc. set Includes:
  • 4 x USB Port 
  • 2 x Headphone/Mic 
  • 1 x HDMI 
  • 1 x 1394 Port 
  • 2 x eSATA 
  • 1 x SD Card 
  • 1 x RJ45 (ethernet) 
  • 1 x VGA


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