15mm Spiral Cable Protector

You need this for your cables and cords

You can have all the office equipment you need but they also come with electrical cords and cables that, if you're not the organized sort, will lead to clutters and tangles. Maintain your equipment the right way with Spiral Cable Protector!

The Spiral Cable Protector is a winding PVC strip wherein you can gather the cords of the different electrical equipment you have in close proximity to each other. A good example of this is your computer along with other separate equipment that came with cords of their own such as the CPU, AVR, the printer and even speakers. Not only does this cable winder eliminate mess, it also makes accidents less likely to happen. It is also 69mm wide so that it can accommodate more cables at once.

Make your workstation or home more orderly today by ordering your own Spiral Cable Protectors!


Shape: Normal
Material: Plastic
Size: 150cm
Cable Winder: PE Cable Winder
Weight: About 70g
Packing Includes: 1Pcs Cable Winder + 1Pcs Cable Guide Tool