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20 pcs Furbabies Pet Claw Caps


Colorful caps protect both pet nails and humans

Pet owners can be quite busy with other things that they might opt not to bring their pets to the grooming shop. Your furbaby may get a good bathing and fur trimming but the nails might become neglected, resulting in growing too long. These caps are made of rubber and silicone that can be glued to the nails of your pet. This will help avoid scratches that will result in wounds on your pet's skin and also from scratching your skin and of the guests. Buy this pack today!

Type: Cats
Item Type: Claw Care
Material: rubber/silicone
Sizes:  XS: 0.5KG-2.5KG, Cap Width: 0.5CM, Length: 0.9CM S: 2.5KG-5.0KG,  Cap  Width: 0.6CM, Length: 1.2CM M: 5.0KG-7.5KG,  Cap  Width: 0.7CM, Length: 1.2CM L: 7.5KG-10KG,   Cap  Width: 0.8CM, Length: 1.2CM