24K Gold Plated Poker Cards

Majestic cards for royal gamers

This pack of cards is like hitting the jackpot!

Got game? Get golden!

What could be better than a deck of cards to poker fans and card game lovers? A deck of 24K Gold Plated Poker Cards, that is! Who says you can't play with gold and imagine yourself as a big time poker player playing against the big guys themselves? You can't go wrong with a pack of 24K Gold Plated Poker Cards in gold foil, all 54 of them! While you can't be on a "big fish" gaming table, you can still have fun with your family and friends and indulge in poker and other favorite card games with this deck of gorgeously made playing cards.

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Age: 3 Years and up
Type: Poker Cards
Material: Gold foil
Item Weight: 0.150 kg
Standard playing card size: 60X21X88mm / 2.362X0.827X3.464 inch
Contents: 54 playing cards (52 suits and 2 Jokers)