2pc/lot Disposable Fly Trap

The easiest way to get rid of flies

Flies are some of the most dangerous and seriously annoying pests there are. They bring in bacteria and some of the time, just won't leave you alone! But there's a way to get them distracted and gone for good like the 2pc/lot Disposable Fly Trap!

The 2pc/lot Disposable Fly Trap emits a chemical that's too hard to resist for flies. They eventually try to get in and once they do, they never get out ever! This is a perfect tool for indoor and outdoor use where flies are abundant. Trap them away from your home for good!

Buy the 2pc/lot Disposable Fly Trap today!

Pest Type: Flies
Feature: Disposable
Pest Control Type: Traps
Fragrance: Scentless
Capacity: 30
Applicable Area: <20 square meters
Material: Plastic
Size: 20*30cm/7.9''*11.8''
Location: Outdoor,Garden
Quantity: 2PCS
Package included:
        2 x Fly Trap