[3-Pack] Snap and Grip Wrench Set

The Wrench that fits all sizes of bolts!

The solution to your tool problem is here. This Snap and Grip Wrench has a self-adjusting technology for different sizes and shapes of bolts and nuts. With its known durability, it can be used to loosen or tighten your valves, pipes, radiator boilers and wheels. It's practical and lightweight, you can tighten anything by just using your one hand. When you have this multifunctional, and you'll never have to buy other tools because it can do it all!

Get one set now!

Please note this Bundle contains THREE (3) Snap and Grip Wrench Sets!


Material: Carbon Steel
Features: Non-slip,Double End,Multifunctional
Type: Universal Wrench
Size: 9-32MM
Material: Carbon Steel
Surface: Chrome Plated
Hardness: 45-48HRC