360 Car Hook

No More Distractions and Destructions

Stop your things from cluttering around your car everytime you stop and go with this 360 Car Hook. It is an incredible car organizer that revamps that utterly mess into a neat and tidy car interior. Just simply hook in on your car headrest seat and it can be rotated up to 360 degrees. You can hang almost everything like a shopping bag, umbrella, backpack, and more. With this hook into your headrest, you can still maintain your car space every time you go shopping.

Keep your things organize and within reach with the help of the 360 Car Hook today!

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How to change your hooks setting?
Step1.: Disconnect your hook via tools

Step2.: Seperate original hook

Step3.: Place new hook on the hole

Step4: Press and Done



Item Type: Fastener & Clip
Item Length: 20.5cm
External Testing Certification: CE
Item Width: 3.5cm
Item Height: 0.03cm
Material Type: ABS