Miracle 3D Pen

Product Description

Let Your Creative Imagination Turn Into Reality

What will you do if your flat drawing of a dog turns into a realistic drawing? Things will get definitely wild and this Miracle 3D Pen will help you to make that happen! 

Turn your creations into a real-life image with this magic 3D pen. It lets you draw, create, turn simple flat drawings into real ones. This innovative drawing tool enables the user to create 3D designs in a way that's quick, easy, and fun.

The pen extrudes a steady stream of malleable plastic that stays suspended in space as it cools, bringing whatever design you can imagine to life right before your eyes. The new and improved Miracle 3D Pen is slimmer, smoother and has new features such as a fully reengineered drive system for smoother doodling; a new nozzle design for crisper performance; dual speed control; double-click function for continuous flow; drastically reduced power consumption, and a host of innovative new accessories (sold separately) that radically enhance your doodling experience.

This is the revolutionary step of art and technology combined into one. This is a step into the future of a more creative and imaginative young individual to explore more of arts.

Don't dare to miss this one out and get yourself with one of this Miracle 3D Pen. NOW!


Model Number:  Miracle 3D Pen 2.0

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