4-in-1 Tire Utility Tool

Product Description

Your Emergency Handy Tool 

This utility tool is your getaway with all the inconvenience you might encounter with your car. You can use this to monitor the tire pressure extending tire life and ensuring safety. It has also a flashlight, an emergency glass breaker, and seat belt cutter. 

This 4-in-1 Tire Utility Tool is lightweight, battery-powered, handy and has digital monitor to show you the tire pressure.

Get yours now, you'll never know when it will come handy.


Model Name: AM00609SI
Item Width: 5.5 cm
Hardware Version: Tire Pressure Gauge
Software Version: Pressure Gauge Meter
Electronic: No
Item Length: 11.5 cm
Item Type: Pressure & Vacuum Testers
Item Weight: 120 g

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