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4pcs Cell Battery Adaptor/Converter


Efficient Battery Adaptors for Emergency

For safety measures, your home or car should have a flashlight and batteries stocked in case of power outages and car troubles. What if you only have a AA battery stocked and your flashlight needs a D battery? The better solution is to get these powerful battery adaptors that incredibly converts AA battery to a D battery so it can support the power needed to run your flashlight. Simply stick the AA battery in the converter and it's the same as D battery. Please check Details for other converters in this package.

Get these effective gadgets for home, office and camp sites today!

Type: Battery Adaptor Converter Case Holder
Package: No
Converter 1: 1 AA battery can replace D battery to use.
Converter 2: 2 AA battery can replace D battery to use.
Converter 3: 1 AA battery can replace C battery to use.
Converter 4: 1 AAA battery can replace AA battery to use.