6 In 1 Solar Power Robot

You'll be craving for summer with this 6 In 1 Solar Power Robot

Build your own 6 different forms of a robot that is powered only by sunlight. Yes! That's right! The energy from the sun is the only way to make this robot move faster. This is an interesting toy to have for your kids to learn more about science. Show your child how the light energy coming from the sun can be transformed into an electrical energy charge. Your child will be amazed at how they can easily transform a single toy to 6 different forms. So easy to assemble with its step-by-step manual instruction.

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Features: Solar
Gender: Unisex
Model Number: Solar Toy
Plastic Type: ABS
Features 1: Model Building Kits
Features 2: Solar Toy
Features 3: Transformable Car
Features 4: Solar Toy Dog
Features 5: Toy Steamship
Features 6: Solar Plane, Solar Gyropter
Features 7: Transformation Pinwheel