6PCS Teeth Cleaner Keychain

Something You Should Not Forget

Forgot to floss your teeth today? This awesome tooth-shaped will save you from an outright embarrassment when a piece of food stuck on your teeth as you eat out with your friends. The keychain design is meant for you so you won't forget to bring it daily. Strap it on your favorite bag or wallet and you'll be able to get it when you need it.

It cleans and removes plaque on areas where your brush can't reach. It is durable, shred-resistant and gentle on your gums as it is made up of polyester and plastic combined.

Maintain a good hygiene anytime and anywhere. Buy this now!


Item Type: Dental Flosser
Material: Polyester+plastic
Size: 37*26*15mm
Quantity: 6pcs
Length: 15m/roll