Adjustable Back Support Posture Corrector

Get Your Shoulders Back on Track!

Are you looking for a product that can improve your back posture? Well, search no more! The Adjustable Poor Back Support Posture Corrector got your back covered! It was purely designed to help you get rid of the poor posture you have. It helps correct scoliosis and other malformed spinal curvatures. This Adjustable Poor Back Support Posture Corrector will help you keep your torso straight. We don't want to suffer from poor back posture, do we? Order yours now!

Note: Size measurement is in inches. 

 Size Length Height 
S 31.49 16.53
M 35.43 16.53
L 39.37 16.53
XL 43.30 16.53
XXL 47.24 16.53




Item Type: Back Posture Corrector
Material: Polyester
Color:White; black