Anti-Cutting Arm Sleeves

Unbelievable anti-cutting performance!

The Anti-Cutting Arm Sleeves is made to keep you safe from sharp and pointy objects when you're out camping outdoors. The material used is high-quality that ensures all out protection from sharp objects and maximum durability. The Anti-Cutting Arm Sleeves is easy to wear, soft and comfortable. It's even easy to wash like any other clothing. You would still be able to withstand the temperatures between  -20°C  to 100 °C while wearing this unbelievable arm sleeves. Get this incredible Anti-Cutting Arm Sleeves today!


Type: Protective Arm Sleeves
Cuff Width:12 cm / 4.7 in
Sleeve Length: 39.5 cm / 15.3 in
Material: Polyethylene Fiber + Stainless Steel Wire
Working Temperature: -20°C  to 100°C
Color: Black
Anti-cutting level: Level 5
Thickness: 0.4 cm / 0.2 in
Tensile Strength Coefficient: Level 3