Anti-Slip Ice Gripper

Walk in the Snow & Wild Easier and Faster!

Accessorize your shoes with the Anti-Slip Ice Gripper. The Anti-Slip Ice Gripper helps you avoid treacherous terrain with slipping conditions. It is made of elastic latex that can stretch up to 11.5 inches. The special stainless steel ground gripping teeth delivers excellent traction on any ice surface. You can bring this anytime and anywhere because of its lightweight feature and is easily folded  to fit in your pocket. It is suitable for boots, sneakers, casual, or business shoe. You can also use this Anti-Slip Ice Gripper when you are fishing, hiking, and hunting for a better and safer experience.

Get one NOW and stay safe during the winter season!


Application: Winter Shoe Accessory
Material: Eva foam, Elastic Latex, Stainless Steel
Type: 10-Teeth Crampons
Color: Black
Size: Small, Medium, Large, Xtra Large


S:31-36(EURO) ; 3-5(US) ; 16cm/6.3inch(Approx Length) ; 10.5cm/4.1inch(Maximum Width)

M:36-41(EURO) ; 5-8(US) ; 16cm/6.3inch(Approx Length) ; 12.5cm/4.9inch(Maximum Width)

L:39-46(EURO) ; 8-11(US) ; 22cm/8.7inch(Approx Length) ; 13.5cm/5.3inch(Maximum Width)

XL:45-48(EURO) ; 11-13(US) ; 24.5cm/9.6inch(Approx Length) ; 14.5cm/5.7inch(Maximum Width)