3D AR Games

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An immersive shooting game experience you'll surely get addicted with. The AR Game Gun will give you that realistic feel when playing with gunfire. It'll also help with your shooting accuracy. The AR Game Gun comes with an app that's loaded with shooting games. The most convenient part of it is it runs wirelessly, giving you smooth game time.

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Gender: Unisex
Age Range: > 6 years old
Features: Electronic
Model Number: AR-1Y
Certification: 3C
Type: Toy Machine Gun
3C: Certificate
Material: Plastic
Warning: No Eating 
Plastic Type: ABS

How to Use

STEP 1:Open the battery cover and install 2 x AAA battery.
STEP 2:Close the battery cover.
STEP 3:Search AR-Gun app and download from App store or Google Play.
STEP 4:Turn on the phone bluetooth and open the AR-Gun app.
STEP 5:Pull the trigger to pair with your smart phone. (without battery)

Compatible system: iPhone/ Android Smart Phone