Auto-retractable Car Wash Brush

Easily get rid of that dirt and drive away in your squeaky clean ride!

Ever had that day when you need to go out and your staring at your dirt-ridden ride in front of you? Well, fret not. Here come the Auto-retractable Car Wash Brush that lets you clean your whole car with just one tool! No need to keep changing brushes and mops depending on which part of your car you want to clean. The soft brush bristle allows you to feel comfortable using this on your wind shields without worrying about leaving a scratch! Made from durable materials, this Auto-retractable Car Wash Brush won't make you retract from that hot date or joy ride with your friends and loved ones! Get it now and start getting rid of those dirt on your car with ease and convenience!


Material Type: PP+PVC
Item Type: Sponges, Cloths & Brushes
Package includes: 1 x bush, 1 x handle switch, 1 x bottle bubble