Bag Caps

Seal It Like A Pro

These amazing Bag Caps is your new kitchen aid that you want to keep. Bag Caps perfectly seal all your leftover bag of chips, cereals and others. The airtight feature of each Bag Caps preserve the condition and the crispiness of all your food. This also keep them out from being attacked with ants and other insects that infects your food when left open.

These Bag Caps is available from 3 different sizes that you can use at all times. Made of quality PP material, easy to wash and clean. Perfect kitchen accessory, easy to use and doesn't break.

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Type: Bag Clips
Plastic Type: PP
Feature: Stocked,Eco-Friendly
Material: Plastic

S: 5.2cm x 4.5cm
M: 6.3cm x 5cm
L: 13*6.5cm x 5.5cm