Banana Pod

The Only Mount You'll Ever Need

As simple as it may look, the Banana Pod is probably the easiest phone mount that one may have the experience in using. This single "leg" phone mount only needs to be attached to your device using its universal stud screw. It has a flexible leg that can be wrapped around poles, fences, motorbike/bicycle handlebars, on tree branches and practically anywhere that it can fit to. It's even posable on its own, too. The Banana Pod's stability makes it a great mount for shooting photos and videos on whatever occasion. So if you're looking for a durable, non-expensive way to document special events, you can certainly rely on the Banana Pod.

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Weight (g): 100
Package: Yes
Folded Length (mm): 100
Use: Video Camera
Max Extended Length (mm): 410
Material: High-Quality Metal & Silicon Rubber
Type: Flexible Tripod
Max Length: 41cm
Weight: 120g / Lightweight and easy to carry
Package: Cloth Bag Package