Bike Safety Alarm

Product Description

A Needed Bike Accessory For A Safe Ride 

The comfort and the convenience of riding your bike in the main road is somehow a privilege but it pays to be safe. Install this Bike Safety Alarm for your safety and make sure people can hear you coming with this super loud electronic bike horn.

Bells and switches are separate and the switch can be mounted in any position of the handlebar which makes it very convenient. It produces a super loud blaring sound that will alarm the other commuters and drivers when you are passing through.

Compatible with all bikes including road bikes. Easy and safe to use when braking. Easy installation and can fit the handlebar about 21 mm inner diameter, and a maximum of 25mm.

Perfect for all bike lovers out there! Get one now!


Type: Electric Horn
Certification: CE
Model Number: ZH61500
Material: Plastic
Size: 94(L) X 46.3(W) X 38 (H) mm

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