Bottle Cap Catapult

Product Description

Keychain bottle opener that doubles as a toy

Regular bottle openers are bigger in size and do their job the conventional way. This bottle opener is easy-to-carry as it can be carried on a keyring. It pops open bottles and launches the bottle caps without having to remove the cap. Point it straight to a trash bin and save yourself from having to pick it up and throwing it away manually. Get this item and have it with you always.


Type: Bottle Opener
Color: Sent by Random
Material: ABS
Features: Creative, Bottle Opener, Beer Opener, Key Chain, Multifunction, Flying Cap
Length (Not Include Keychain): 11.5cm/4.53" (Approx.)
Length (Include Keychain): 16cm/ (Approx.)
Width: 5cm/6.30" (Approx.)
Thickness: 1.9cm/0.75" (Approx.)

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