BracePen Tool

This Isn't Just Your Ordinary Pen

The BracePen Tool is surely the last pen that you might want to have! The BracePen Tool is a pen that doesn't die so you can either lose, damage it, or get it stolen from you. This is a ballpoint pen that has a writing point of 1.0mm and can draw a continuous line of about 2 Kilometers. So everyone who might use it can have a beautiful and neat handwriting even though you can't write well. The BracePen Tool can also help you to fasten and tighten your own bracelet or wristwatch without needing any assistance from anyone. With built-in pliers, it provides a good companion to your jewelry for it will hold one end so you can attach the opposite clasp at ease.

So if you're a college student or someone who needs a good and reliable pen. Then, you must try this pen now!


Type: Ballpoint Pen
Writing Point: 1.0mm
Material: Metal
Erasable Or Not: No
Novelty: Yes
Use: 2 in 1 Multifunction Ball Pen
Material: Aluminium
Pen color: Black and Purple
Function: 2 in 1
Pen size: L175mm D10.5mm
Weight: 29g

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