Brain Relaxing Helmet

Add this to your Daily Routine!

Take away those head stress and pain by simply wearing this Brain Relaxing Helmet. There is no hustle on rubbing, massaging, and applying an ointment just to get those stress out. Now you will only need a stuff like Brain Relaxing Helmet to quickly find that relaxation and inner peace you always been needing. Using its 8 different types of massaging intensity, it eases your head pain accordingly at ease. Inside there is a medical rubber latex attached which are very soft and will boost a great feeling in the head. Everyone really deserves to have this Brain Relaxing Helmet after a long hour of non-stop working. All the stress and anxiety will be all gone in no time so order it now!


Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
Size: Large
Material: ABS & TPR
Operated: Battery
Application: Head

Plug Type