Bullet Bluetooth Receiver

A Cool Mini Bluetooth Gadget

Receive any calls, listen to music, or use GPS while driving, you can do all of that anywhere and anytime with this clear, loud, and portable speaker. The Bullet Bluetooth Receiver is a cool pocket-sized Bluetooth receiver that you can use on a bunch of different devices like phone, car, speaker, headphone, and more. By just pressing the power button, you can operate it all from picking up and hanging up a call or pausing and playing a music. For it to work, all the Bullet Bluetooth Receiver need is any standard audio port, any Bluetooth device, and a charging time of two hours. Get this cool gadget now at an affordable price.


Item Type: Bluetooth Car Kit
Item Size: 52 x 12 (mm)
Special Features: Bluetooth Music Receiver
Material Type: Metal
Item Weight: 40g

Color Name