Car Air Filtration System

Filter that makes air cleaner in your car

The interior of your car, no matter how secure, can still be invaded by the most harmful bacteria and sickness-causing-viruses. Smoke coming from either your cigarette or from other vehicles smell unpleasant and may also bring more chances of you and your passengers getting sick. This plug-in air filter, once connected to your car's cigarette lighter, uses electronic ionization system to clean the air in your car. It eliminates unpleasant odors, eliminates viruses and bacteria, and reduces the benzene and formaldehyde that you've been breathing in. With this air filter, you'll know that your family's health is safer. Order it today!


Item Type: Air Freshener
Item Height: 2.3 cm
Item Width: 2.3 cm
Item Length: 9 cm
Material Type: steel
Shape: Solid
Item Weight: 0.065 kg
Type: Car Air Purifier Ionizer

Color Name
Light Purple