Car Glass Repair Tools

Your windows and windshields need this!

Glass repair is not easy. If it can be repaired, expect it to not be cheap, either. But DIY warriors out there will now benefit from a repair system that will save you the expensive repairs and or even having to wait for eternity to get them fixed because you can't afford to.

This set of Car Glass Repair Tools makes use of a special resin formulated to fill the gaps in cracked glass. Because of the formulation, it bonds the glass without producing any obvious repair marks that can ruin the surface smoothness of the glass.


External Testing Certification: CE
Item Length: 7cm
Item Width: 2cm
Item Height: 6cm
Item Weight: 0.04kg
Material Type: ABS + Resin
Special Features: Window Glass Repair + Polishing
Item Type: Fillers, Adhesives & Sealants
Filter Material: Resin
Waterproof: Yes