Car Umbrella Holder

Catch all that dripping

There's nothing as annoying as having to keep a very wet umbrella inside your car. The dripping water can get to the passengers and even damage the look of your interiors. The Car Umbrella Holder is an attachable and detachable polyester bag for the back of the car seat. It takes on the shape of the umbrella and its length can be adjusted so it can be used on other things. It will catch the water from the umbrella so you can dump it out later on. Now there;s no way water will get to your car floor and your umbrella will also be taken care of.

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Pattern: Flat Type
Classification: Vaccum Compressed Bag
Material: Polyester
Applicable Space: Behind Doors/On Walls
Thickness: 6 wire
Form: Clothing Hanging Type/Hanging Type
Feature: Eco-Friendly, Folding, Stocked
Shape: Square
Use: umbrella
Specification: 80cm
Capacity: 80cm