Cat Grooming Mesh Bag

Groom Your Furry Friends With This BAG!

Struggling in keeping your furry friends in place while giving her a bath? No worries, get this Cat Grooming Mesh Bag and problem solved. The mesh bag has a lock and tight to keep your lovable pet in place.

The mesh bag is also a good first step in training your cat to stay in place while grooming them. It is safe and won't hurt your cats and even professional pet groomer uses this as well.

It has accessible holes for easy grooming and pruning the nails on their feet and cleaning their ears. Adjustment buckle to lock and tight without hurting them in the process. You can have a safe but enjoyable grooming session everytime with your pet also you are sure they are oh so clean.

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Type: Cats
Material: Mesh
Item Type: Bath Bag
Featutre: Mesh, breathable
Color: Blue/Green/Pink