Collar Hanging Neck Phone Holder

Experience life while recording it

There's a lot of problems faced in our technological age today. More and more people seem to live within their smartphones than living their lives without the concern for having the best selfie.

While monopods and other types of stands won't do, the Collar Hanging Neck Phone Holder enables the wearer to wear their smartphone on their necks while recording and freeing the use of both hands. This way, the wearer will be able to use their hands for demonstrations, or for doing more important tasks than holding their phones. And compared to stands that only record one-way, wherever you go, the phone goes as well.This will be especially useful for traveling.

Don't miss out on rare life experiences for the sake of capturing the moment. Live life to the fullest and get your share of the memories both in your head and in your smartphone. Order the Collar Hanging Neck Phone Holder NOW!


Compatible Brand: Universal
Material: ABS
Feature: Neck Collar Design + 6 inches Adjustable Smart Phone Holder
Compatible Phone Model 1: For Apple iPhone 6 7 6S / Plus 5 5S SE
Compatible Phone Model 2: For Samsung Galaxy S8 / Plus S7 S6 Edge S5 Note 5 4 J5 J7 A3 A5
Compatible Phone Model 3: For Xiaomi Redmi 4 Pro Note 4 Mi6 Mi5 Mi4 5S Plus For Huawei P10 P9 Mate 9