Compact Anti-Slip Clothes Hanger

Perfect closet aide!

You wouldn't want to miss to have this in your closet. The Compact Anti-Slip Clothes Hanger is the perfect hanger. Easy to store when not in use because it comes with retractable handles. Add to that the Anti-slip design that will keep your clothes in place. No need to worry about clothes slipping from your hangers and messing your wardrobe. You can even bring it with you when you travel.

Light and space-saving. Increase your wardrobe space today. Grab your Compact Anti-Slip Clothes Hanger NOW!


Type: Single Pole
Clothing Type: Clothes
Product: Trousers Leg Clip
Use: Neatening/Storage
Lifting Method: Hand-Held
Style: Folding
Material: Plastic
Length: 41*10cm
Usage: Closet