Cone Barricades Traffic Cone

Traffic Safety Using This Cone!

The Cone Barricades Traffic Cone will surely help you be visible on the roadside. Whenever you need to change your tires or oil, in the highway, you can put this traffic cone to let other vehicles be aware of what you're doing. Some may even stop by and help you with engine troubles and the like, if you use the Cone Barricades Traffic Cone. This traffic cone is foldable, light and compact. No matter if it's daylight or night time. The bright orange color and a reflective light strip of this cone greatly increase roadside traffic safety. Buy the Cone Barricades Traffic Cone today!


Material: Oxford Fabric PP
Type: Traffic Cone
Color: Orange
Size: 32cm x 19cm
Product unit: 1 pcs

P.S  Does not include light device