Contact Lens Cleaner

Thorough cleaning for your contact lens

How do you clean your contact lenses? For such delicate eye aids, only the Mini USB Contact Lens Cleaner will do!

The Contact Lens Cleaner provides safe cleaning for your contact lens. It has its own built-in chamber with holders for safety. This machine releases steam that gently sterilizes your contact lenses to get rid of bacteria. The Contact Lens Cleaner is compact in size and can be connected to any power source with a USB connector. It's a perfect travel companion that you can bring anywhere with you!

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Frequency: 58,000Hz
Tank capacity: 7.5ML
Tank size: 39x19x11mm
Unit size: 9x69x68mm
Carton packing: 205×155×58mm
Ultrasonic power: 3W
Power Supply: DC 5V, 1A
Steam Duration: 10mins
Can work with Power bank, Portable source (not included)