Desk Cup Holder Clip

Comfort and convenience at its best!

When you're busy working or playing an awesome game or watching a movie on your computer or laptop, cleaning up spilled beverage is tiring. This Desk Cup Holder Clip will help you and your spilled beverage dilemma vanish like it never happened. After you clip it in place, on either side of your table or desk, you can place your cups or mugs or whatever beverage you have while you do what you do best. It's made from food-safe PP to ensure long-lasting use. It's a perfect gift for our friends and families. It is also an excellent addition as desk decoration. Get this amazing cup holder clip and experience comfort and convenience at its best!


Type: Cup Holder
Plastic Type:FDA PP
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Installation Type: Clip
Size: 16 cm x 7.5 cm
Material: Plastic