Door Stop Alarm

Protection from the inside

Security camera setups are a familiar way to protect your home from burglars but if the burglar is aware of the location of such cameras, they will be able to avoid them. This door stop alarm may come as a surprise. Whether you're home or not, it can easily be set up and adjusted to the sensitivity mode you prefer. Simply put this by the door and it will instantly alarm the moment it senses door movement.

It gives double security by jamming the door and raising a loud alarm to alert the homeowners and the neighbors. It's lightweight and portable, you can even bring it to your journey and use it at a hotel or inn where you're staying. Buy this door stop alarm and be safe!

Usage: Door
Color: black
Alarm loudness: 120 dB
Voltage: 9V
Operating current: 0.1mA
Use: 1 x 9V battery (not included)
Item Size: 4.2—13.8—3.5cm