Egg Air Freshener

Air Freshener and Fridge Deodorizer!

Keep your home and refrigerator clean and scentless when this Egg Air Freshener around. The Egg Air Freshener will keep any place in your home fresh and odorless aside from the fridge. The Egg Air Freshener is made out of diatomite and contains no foul smell. A diatomite is a sedimentary rock ground for commercial use to be used on filter media, fillers, absorbents and other purposes. It is safe around children and household use. It can help preserve your food too! With the presence of diatomite, it filters the moisture, bacteria, and mold from your food making your food last longer.

Every family must have this Egg Air Freshener. Get it at an economical price now!


Style: Activated Carbon
Classification: Bamboo Charcoal
Application Area: 10-40 square
Applicable Place: Refrigerators
Use: Air Purification
Specification: 100g
Type: Deodorant