Eggstractor - Remove Egg Shells In An Instant

Egg Shell Removing Made Easy!

This you don't have to worry about getting burn in removing and peeling the egg shell of hard boiled eggs. This Eggstractor will do it for you and it will happen in an instant! It easy to use just follow the manual instructions and you can have you hard boiled egg peeled easily.


  • 1.Please put the egg in the Eggstractor hole vertically (there shouldn't be extra space between egg and the hole)

  • 2.Please press down the cover peeling billow continuously and constant speed

  • 3.The eggs will pop out through the hole(It's normal that there may exist a little bit of eggshell on the egg, but most part of the eggshell will peel from the egg).

  • 4.Peel the remaining eggshell on the egg and then they are ready to eat or add to your recipes.

Have it for yourself now!


Type: Cooking Tool Sets
Material: Plastic
Dimensions: 14 x14 x 18 (L x W x H)
Weight: 380g