Electric Food Packing Vacuum Seal

Keeps food fresh all day

Fresh food isn't hard to come by at all but sometimes we can keep them in a container to help them last a little longer. The Electric Food Packing Vacuum Sealer seals plastic bags so that food contained within won't spill and be kept another day depending on the type of food to be stored. Leftovers or meals with sauces or ingredients will be kept in airtight sealed bags that will help freshness for awhile until consumed. Meat,  veggies, preserves - keep them in single packs and seal for a mess-free storage in the fridge or pantry.

Don't let food spoilage into your kitchen and order the Electric Food Vacuum Sealer NOW!

Power Source:Electric
With Vacuum Bag:Yes
Type:Stand / Table
Sealing Length: 32cm
Sealing length:32cm
Material: ABS
Net weight:600g