Zap Racket - The Most Fun You'll Have Killing Mosquitos

Stop Mosquitos Dead In Their Tracks With 2300 Volts

Usually the words mosquito and fun don't belong in the same sentence.

With the Zap Racket, now they do!

With a casual swing of your arm, you can send a pure bolt of 2300 VOLTS splitting through the air.

Lightning arcs speedily surge towards these flying pests, followed by hundreds of electric explosions which signal the end of their existences. 

This isn't some fly-swatter where you need perfect aim to hit a tiny target -- simply swing the Zap Racket anywhere remotely near your target, and the pure coils of electricity will do the rest to catch and destroy them in mid-flight.

Crafted carefully with the perfect aerodynamic drag coefficients for optimal handling and carefully engineered to be powered by just two AA batteries, the Zap Racket is the last pest-control device you will ever need.  

Order it today while supplies last and make killing mosquitos fun again!