Extender Dish Cleaner

Clean dishes faster and easier

The conventional way of cleaning piles of dishes is to remove leftovers, rinse with water, use a soapy sponge to get rid of grease and food residue, rinse again and dry with a clean towel. Now you can cut the steps, save more time but clean just as effectively using the Extender Dish Cleaner!

The Extender Dish Cleaner is a soft PVC pipe that can be attached to a faucet. It has a brush at the end so that dishes can be scrubbed over running water. Because water flows directly and is concentrated onto the plates, the tube prevents further splashing of water, thus conserving it. The brush is good with liquid soap and because of its extended form, it may also be used to clean the surrounding area of the sink.  

Make kitchen duty easier and order the Extender Dish Cleaner!


Type: Cleaning Brush
Color: Black Blue Green Pink
Size(Approx): Length 32cm, 2cm, brush head 4cm
Material: PVC
Feature: 100% brand new and high quality.
Quantity: 1PC