EZ 6 Pack Wheel

Rock hard abs by wheel exercise

Crunches and sit-ups are not the only ways to get the strong core you want. The EZ 6 Pack Wheel is proven to turn flabby bellies into flat and firm abdominal muscles. To use, kneel on the floor and hold the bars to carefully roll forward until back is parallel to the floor without the torso touching it. The muscles contract when the user of the EZ 6 Pack Wheel uses one's core to roll back up while both hands are gripping the side bars of this device. With correct continued use, you'll surely feel the difference on your abs in the long run

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Item type: wheel roller
Material: ABS+EVA+stainless steel tube+ foam
Color: Black
Size: 30*15cm/11.81”*5.91”(L*D)
Weight: 700g
Package includes: 1 x abdominal wheel roller