Fashionable Shoulder Bag Solar Oven

Environment Friendly Oven

Shoulder bag solar oven can heat food, water, soup, bread, etc. It's working principle is reflecting sunlight to heat foods. It is totally an environmentally friendly product. It is light, portable, fashionable design and let its owners bring it out for outdoor activities. Good for outdoor parties and campings. Nice way to enjoy your meal under the sun. Buy one now!


Type: Grills
Feature: Easily Assembled
Grill Type: 2-3 people
Material: Hard Board
Heat source: reflect sunlight
Foldable bag size: 50*40*5cm
Net Weight of bag: 0.8KGS
Max Temperature: 120°C
Reflector: Vacuum Aluminizing Sheet
Applicatin: Camping, outdoor sports
Approved: ISO14001, CE