Fidget Flux - The Anti-Gravitational Fidgeting Tool

An out-of-this-world fidget toy

When Physics and fidget toys collide, a rebirth commences in the form of Fidget Flux. This is a fidget goodie that's designed to stand out from the others! Fidget Flux is enhanced by Science to demonstrate the differences of gravity among Earth, Mars and the Moon.

The sliders (the middle part) are made of Aerospace grade aluminum or copper that freefalls at the speeds similar to that of the Moon at 22 seconds and of Mars at 13 seconds on a 38mm distance. All three Fidget Flux variants were given the same meticulous processing to create different freefalling effects with the use of 6 neodymium magnets placed inside each toy. Fidgeters will have loads of fun spinning, sliding and coming up with more tricks with this gravity-defying innovative fidget toy. It's both educational and does wonders on mental focus!

Materials: Aerospace grade aluminum; or pure copper and 6 neodymium magnets
Length: 68mm (2.68inches)
Width:18mm (0.7inches)
Gravity Simulated