Product Description

A handy fish alarm for anglers

Fishing is one of the many favorite past times for being one with nature and testing one's patience. One of the many challenges of fishing is hooking a fish and capturing it completely. Exactly how does one know that a fish took the bait? This fish alarm is small in size and easy to install onto your fishing rod. It's a simple clip-on where you can wrap the fishing line at the alarm. When a fish bites or runs, the alarm will sound off and light. It is also energy-efficient that its batteries can be of use up to 2 years as long as the device is turned off when not in use. This is what makes it a good companion during both day and night fishing. Buy this item today! 


Fishing Rod Category: Boat/Raft Rod
Position: Ocean Boat Fishing
Rod Length: <1.8m
Material: Plastic
Dimensions: Length 8CM/3.15in; Width: 5.5CM/2.17in; Height: 2CM/0.79in

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